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identity & access

Configure and manage with an easy-to-use dashboard user access on your apps. Whether your app is mobile, web or desktop.
Enable different authentication providers like Office 365, Active Directory, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter, iDIN, itsme…. in just a few clicks. Extend with The Identity Hub your corporate identity system.

Allow your users to securely login with the authentication providers they are familiar with.

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Small and medium business Enterprise

Benefits of The Identity Hub

Secure & Private

Strong 2-factor authentication & privacy management

Easy Setup

Get started immediately with our software

Clear Documentation

Easy to understand guides on how to to use our software

Flexible Software

In the Cloud or on premise, extensible and customizable

Currently, U2U Consult welcomes two new clients a week for its The Identity Hub platform run on Azure. In total there are already over 250 organizations running on the platform.

Reference Case: GeoSecure

The identity hub of AIV and Geopunt in Flanders.

GeoSecure is the Identity & Access Management (I&AM) solution for AIV (Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen) and Geopunt, and the geographic services of the Flemish government. GeoSecure is a Service Platform developed by U2U Consult. The solution facilitates AIV, Geopunt and their clients, partners and suppliers to develop modern apps of any kind on any device. AIV has extensive databases with geographical data and images and business solutions built on top of those, aiming to leverage them with modern user experiences, targeting all kinds of desktop and mobile devices.

But this must be done by offering only the right content to each user without security or privacy risk. Faced with this complexity, AIV reached out to U2U Consult to design and build the solution: GeoSecure. GeoSecure handles authentication, authorization and the correct information exchange between AIV and its users in client and partner organizations. It is built in Microsoft .NET, and runs on Windows Azure. If your organization is faced with a similar problem, get in touch. U2U Consult has a set of Identity & Access Management frameworks, named The Identity Hub, getting the most from the Cloud in the fastest way.