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About Us

The Identity Hub is a product platform designed, built and maintained by U2U Consult. U2U Consult is a leading Belgian ICT company founded in 2002, is located in the heart of Europe, Brussels and with affiliate in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

As part of our IAM consulting and custom solution development, we realized that multiple clients faced similar identity and access management hurdles.

That is why we’ve developed The Identity Hub to meet our clients needs in one same solution. And taking it one step further, we offer it as a SaaS platform for IAM.

This very same SaaS is also offered as custom solution for our clients on their premises or their Azure. This full-stack solution offers hence the multi-tenant platform concept at the needs of our clients to make a tenant e.g. for each country or for each business unit.

We are most pleased to share our know-how to you directly.

More information about our IAM consulting: