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Small and Medium Business


The Identity Hub

As a small or medium-sized organization, enjoy The Identity Hub offered to you as an instant ready-to-use Software as a Service platform. Just register your company and get going on the fly.
With Software as a Service you can easily connect your users with existing or new applications. And let them have secure and controlled access by their familiar (social) account providers:



The Identity Hub Software as a Service is a full-fledged IAM solution that is up and running in no time.

The SaaS solution runs in the cloud and is highly scalable aligned with your business.

The software allows you to connect various account providers (eg. LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, …) with your application using standardized protocols.

Best of all, the Software as a Service option has a pay as you use pricing model. Unlike competitors The Identity Hub allows your organization to have a complete IAM solution where you only pay for the number of active users.


The software as a Service option is intended for

small and medium sized enterprises (SME),

non-profit organizations,

IAM professional etc.

On top of the above standard account providers, you can also use the standard account provider of The Identity Hub itself. Then, by our self-service, your users can create a most professional and most secure account through The Identity Hub for accessing your applications.

If you envisage to let your users continue to use the credentials they already have of your organisation then, The Identity Hub can easily connect with your mechanism. As long as your mechanism will have a communication possible with any existing security protocol, be it OAuth2.0, OpenID Connect and more. We look forward to get you going.

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