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Enterprise Solution


The Identity Hub

Enterprises want to have full control over the software they purchase.

The Identity Hub has support for all major enterprise protocols (WS Federation/SAML-P/OAuth/OpenId Connect) to connect multiple applications to multiple account providers. On request we can provide integration for applications that don’t support standard protocols. We know our enterprise customers enjoy flexibility.

That’s why we offer both On Premises and SaaS solutions to host our product.

active directory
Office 365


The Identity Hub is the intermediary between your account providers and applications. It is capable to connect with your existing software using all major enterprise protocols.

The Identity Hub supports Multi Factor Authentication and is being maintained with the highest security considerations.

The IAM solution was built with extensibility in mind. It is possible to customize branding, add new protocols or add account providers.

On request we can build custom extensions for your use cases.

The Identity Hub is installed on a dedicated environment for you. You have the option to host the software yourself or opt for SaaS managed by us.

The Identity Hub fully supports role-based access control (RBAC). Information from different account providers can be augmented and mapped to application roles for authorization.


The Identity Hub as on premise solution
is intended for big enterprises.

Provide your customers, partners and employees the right access to all your apps

The Identity Hub is the only product that recognizes that a company has both internal as external users. The Identity Hub is a B2C product, a B2B product and an internal security product.

Grant access to applications, whether the user is your own employee or one of a partner organization or even a customer. Let your partners manage their employees themselves, it’s not your job to do so. Connect with their Identity Provider, or give their administrators access to a secured and separated tenant in your system. Onboarding and offboarding partner employees are no longer your issue.

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